To attend the Esport United Razer CS:GO Tournament at Dreamhack Winter 2016 there are two ways. Get one of the two invite slots by participating in the online qualification the 22-23 October. Or apply in the below attached form to inform us that you wish to acquire a direct invite to the LAN-tournament instead of “taking your chances” in the online qualification. Your direct invite application must be added before the deadline on Wednesday 19th October 21:00 CET.

We will then make a selection from the teams that apply and inform the four selected teams that they have been given an direct invite. The teams then have 24h to accept or decline the invite. If a team declines, we will select the next team from the applicants list. The rest will receive a email informing them they unfortunately wont get a direct invite, but can participate in the online qualification to fight for the last two invites.

To clarify. If you apply and get one of the four direct invites, your team will not have to compete in the online qualifier. Please use the added form below, if the form don’t work for you then please use the following link to the same form:

The application to participate in the online qualification will open up Friday or Saturday. We recommend that you apply to the online qualification (OQ) even if you have applied for a direct invite. To make sure you get one of the 32 slots in the OQ if you don’t get the direct invite.