Esport United is proud to present our ESU RAZER CS:GO Ladies Tournament at Dreamhack Winter in Jonkoping, Sweden 2016.

Esport United have worked with female gaming for many years, but during the last couple of years there have been pause in the organisation where the focus has been on other games. Back in the good old days (CS1.0-1.6) we ran among others Dreamhack Female Counter-strike Tournaments and some of the largest female league and news gaming websites called and We are now putting an effort into arranging more tournaments aimed specifically at the female scene, with a start at Dreamhack Winter 2016. If there is a large interest for events like this, more will surly follow.
The LAN-tournament will hold a six teams tournament where four slots are direct invites and two slots can be acquired through an online qualifier.

Online qualifier
ESU will hold a max 32 team online qualifier 22th to 23th October. Double elimination bo1, where upper/lower bracket final will run bo3. The two winners will qualify for an invite to the main event at Dreamhack Winter 2016 24th to 27th November. Should one of the winning teams not be able to attend the LAN-event the next team in line will get an invite (3rd, 4th etc).
The online qualifier will use Razer Arena as tournament website.

Final LAN-tournament
The main tournament will be held in the Dreamhack Expo hall on the 24th to 27th November 2016 and casted on-site by ESEN. There will be money and hardware prize pool for the teams.
More information regarding the tournaments, prizes and tournament setup will be announced in a few days on this site.
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