For thoes attending we want to give some last word to improve your participation in the contest.

For all attending teams it is important that you follow the instruction message to you on the Razer Arena website and please remember that your team captain need to check-in your team today, recommended check-in time is between 17-18 AM CET. If check-in is not made in time, your team will be removed from the tournament by the system automatically. Please see Razer Arena for time table.

Matches start at 18.00 CET.

It is required that at least one player join our Discord server by following this link:
The Discord is used to get help or information about the tournament. Please use a nickname with your team tag/name in it to make it easier for the admins and other players to get in touch with your team.

You and your team mates are required to join our TS server and the ip is specified on the Razer Arena ANNOUNCEMENT BOARD. We have created a channel for each team with your team name, please remain in this channel during the tournament. This TeamSpeak server should be used as your main communication method during the whole tournament.

If your team have problems connecting, contact us on Discord.

Our admins will randomly do visits for voice checks. Suggestion is that you turn of the join channel message to not get disturbed during matches. If needed we have a support channel called HELP. Please remember support questions should be raised on Discord, if needed a admin will invite you to join the a TS help channels.

Coaches are not allowed to stay on TeamSpeak at all when the tournament starts.

Please read the rules on Razer Arena.

Main admin: DosCSGO
Admins: mrmeb (mad_man), Jolan & BurntSanctuary