During Dreamhack Summer 2017 Esport United are holding one of the largest female CS:GO tournaments in the world. During day two we will have London Conspiracy, CLG Red, Red Reserve and Riot Gaming fighting it out for the two final slots going into the semifinal on Monday. On this page you can follow the results of the matches (will be updated during the day).

Initial match
11:00 (16-10) London Conspiracy vs Riotgaming (Bo1)
12:30 (16-9) CLG RED vs Red Reserve (Bo1)

Winners match
14:00 (16-9) London Conspiracy vs CLG RED (Bo1)

Loser match
15:30 (11-16) Red Reserve vs Riot Gaming (Bo1)

Winner Losers match
17:45 (9-16, 13-16) CLG RED vs Riot Gaming (Bo3)