OVERWATCH / TRACER – Dreamhack Winter 2016

Welcome to this buildlog! Its made from our professional modder Tim Warning and he will go trough the steps of creating this amazing computer.
Hey everyone, I was asked to do a mod for Dreamhack Summer 2016 for Esport United in Sweden to give away to a lucky subscriber.
It was a big succes and a 13 yr old LAN gamer present at Dreamhack won it and was overwhelmed with happyness.
Which was amazing to see and experience.
Again we are partnering up with Thermaltake and MSI which is amazing.
But this time we also have help from HyperX, Intel and Razer.
Since Dreamhack is all about Esports the theme for this project is OVERWATCH with a character sidetheme TRACER.
Which is another excuse to use orange!This time I will be using the Thermaltake Core X31 chassis.

I don’t like using cases in their regular way. So I am going to change the position of the radiator to begin with.

I did some painting on the radiator mounting so it blends in with the system and doesn’t become the focus of everything.

I picked up this pile of plexiglass from the lasercutter. This is my 2nd pile.

The first thing I made with it is this nice PSU cover and midplate.

The Overwatch name logo with a lightbox behind it to make the letters and triangles illuminated.

Time to unpack some hardware from MSI, HyperX, Intel and Thermaltake.

Next up was to unpack the gfx card. The MSI Aero is basically a reference design but with a PCB from MSI factory (with ref design though) and an own MSI aircooler on it to replace the expensive FE aly cooler.

When I was fitting the parts I was unhappy about how the pump and top ended up in terms of hight. Plus I wanted a nice and clean chamber for the SSDs to be in. And lastly I had the idea of adding 2 orange “ornaments” to the PSU box with one also being where the cables would come out of. So I got to work

The orange parts I had already lasercut, the black parts I made with my jigsaw. All parts were bent with my trusty ghetto plexiglass bending wire.

I am very happy with the results. The SSD box looks nice from all sides. Even from the bottom it looks like I was always supposed to be there.

I was (sorry this happens more often) so into the modding that I forgot to take a lot of pictures during the proces 

Here are a few though.

I created 5 lightboxes in total for this project. One left, one right, one behind the 2nd sidepanel and one behind both Overwatch logos. Here are 3 pictures of the right side lightpanel and the one for the front of the case where only the circular logo will be.

How about this custom GPU backplate I had UV printed? The detail is amazing and a very nice finish is on it.

I was at the same moment busy building up the system. Here you can see the radiator mounted together with the Thermaltake Premium RGB fans. There you control using Windows software. Not only the colour and brightness and illumination mode, but also the fanspeed itself. With a new update you can also do this using your phone with an app. The fact that their controllers are basically fan- and lightcontrollers is pretty sweet imo. have not seen any other company do that. Not that I have tried every fan in the world, but you know what I mean.

As you can see I also made a 24 pin extension cable and an 8 pin extension cable. The same will be done for the GPU cable.

Random pictures of the build.

esuow-11 esuow-12 esuow-13 esuow-14 esuow-15 esuow-16 esuow-17 esuow-18 esuow-19 esuow-20 esuow-21 esuow-22 esuow-23 esuow-24 esuow-25 esuow-26 esuow-27 esuow-28 esuow-29 esuow-30 esuow-31 esuow-32 esuow-33 esuow-34 esuow-35 esuow-36 esuow-37 esuow-38 esuow-39 esuow-40 esuow-41 esuow-42 esuow-43 esuow-44 esuow-45 esuow-46 esuow-47 esuow-48 esuow-49 esuow-50

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