At 11.00 CEST we will hold our first match of day two here at Dreamhack Summer 2017. Facing each other are Russian London Conspiracy vs european Riotgaming who will play a BO1.

You can watch the tournament live on and see the rest of the upcoming matches with teams like CLG RED and Red Reserve.

Initial match
11:00 (Round 6) LondonConspiracy vs Riotgaming (Bo1)
12:30 (Round 7 ) CLG RED vs Red Reserve (Bo1)

Winners match
14:00 (Round 8) Winner R6 vs Winner R7 (Bo1)

Loser match
15:30 (Round 9) Loser R6 vs Loser R7 (Bo1)

Winner Losers match
17:00 (Round 10) Winner R9 vs Loser R8 (Bo3)

Watch live video from esportunitedswe on