The ESU Masters will take place in Jönköping, Sweden, between 17-19th June at the world’s largest LAN festival, DreamHack. This year Esport United will together with hardware producers MSI and Samsung hold a female CS:GO tournament in the DreamExpo, running on high end Samsung Curved Gaming 144hz Monitors and MSI GT72VR Gaming laptops featuring GTX 1070 GPU.

The tournament will be attended by some of the best female CS:GO teams in the world, joining us from all parts of the world.

Where to see it ?


Day 1

Initail match
11:00 (Round 1) Team Secret vs BootKamp (Bo1)
13:00 (Round 2) Planet Od vs Team Expert (Bo1)

Winners match
15:00 (Round 3) Winner R1 vs Winner R2 (Bo1)

Loser match
17:00 (Round 4) Loser R1 vs Loser R2 (Bo1)

Winner Losers match
19:00 (Round 5) Winner R4 vs Loser R3 (Bo3)

Day 2

Initail match
11:00 (Round 6) LondonConspiracy vs Riotgaming (Bo1)
13:00 (Round 7 ) CLG RED vs Red Reserve (Bo1)

Winners match
15:00 (Round 8) Winner R6 vs Winner R7 (Bo1)

Loser match
17:00 (Round 9) Loser R6 vs Loser R7 (Bo1)

Winner Losers match
19:00 (Round 10) Winner R9 vs Loser R8 (Bo3)

Day 3

Semi finals
11:00 (Round 11) Winner R5 vs Winner R8 (Bo3)
14:15 (Round 12) Winner R3 vs Winner R10 (Bo3)

17:30 (Final) Winner R11 vs Winner R12 (Bo3)


Price Money

1st 78000 = 50000+Samsung curved gaming monitors (20000)+Logitech G533 Headset (8000)
2nd 35000 = 30000+Logitech G413 Keyboard (5000)
3rd 15250 = 10000+Logitech mouse and pad(5250)
4th 15250 = 10000+Logitech mouse and pad(5250)