First day was a blast riddled with smaller problems leading to a unfortunate delay in the time schedule. Even tho there where problems we still managed to play most of the matches and we had a great time. We Thank all of you that followed us today at Dreamhack and stream! We hope that the final will be a spectacular event, that you definitely shouldn’t miss !

Starting on Thursday at 11:00 CET Esport United will together with our partner Razer, hold a female CS:GO tournament with teams from all over Europe participating right here at Dreamhack. The teams will fight over a 4000 euro prize pool and some Razer goodies, like the high preforming Kraken headset.  You can follow the matches by visiting King of Nordic stream or by visiting our booth in the expo area and catching them all live! (Next to Coolermaster booth and behind Estrella booth).

The tournament will run live from 11:00 CET am to 21:00 on Thursday the 26th and 11:00 CET to 17:00 on Friday the 27th.


Participating teams:

Crowns Esports Club

Brackets after day one