Author: Martin Eliasson Borg

ESU Masters general information for the teams

Hi everyone, We have some update information regarding the ESU Masters at Dreamhack. 1. Living arrangements During DH If a team are having problems finding living arrangement at Jönköping, you can contact us and we can help you search for accommodation. Please email us asap in that case or contact us on Skype. We might have a few room on standby. 2. Confirmed participating teams as of 2017-06-06 Team Invite/Qualifier Filled in the registration form Team Secret (through direct invite) Yes CLG RED (through direct invite) Yes BootKamp, Ex. Alientech (through direct invite) Yes Riot Gaming, Ex. ORGLESS Replacement...

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Birdie 2017 is over for this time

We want to thank all for Birdie 2017! It was impressive how so many people can do so much in so little time! The stage was huge and impressive giving a nice impression to all that where there to see it. Esport United and ESEN take a step in the right direction with a splendid stage and administrating the tournaments and a great production. A bit to warm and some minor technical difficulties but over all a good event. Birdie crew did an awesome job helping out. Congratulations to all the winners in League of legends CS GO Overwatch...

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Welcome to Overwatch Sverige and Phoenix Blue

Please give a warm welcome to our new under organizations. Esport United working for a better esports environment and to further the sport. We see it as imperative to expand out in the organizations from Sweden and helping them as much as we possibly can! We hope that many others join our cause and our main organization with different perspectives and goals. We have gotten new additions to our cause Overwatch Sverige that is going to be one of the leading Overwatch Organization in Sweden. Also Phoenix Blue a streaming organization working for teaching and supporting youth in the...

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All teams ready for ESU Masters!

The final list for the invited and qualified teams to the ESU Masters 2017. The goal have been to find a good spread of teams from different parts of the globe. Unfortunately this time we could not get a team from Asia. When looking at this lineup of teams, it would look like a EU vs Americas setup, lets get the the battle on! Team Secret (through direct invite) CLG RED (through direct invite) Dignitas (through direct invite) Alientech (through direct invite) Team Expert (through qualifier) LGB (through qualifier) RED RESERVE (through qualifier) LONDON CONSPIRACY (through qualifier) More info...

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Qualifiers are over here are our winners!

We at Esport United want to thank all the teams and everyone who help make this possible by working as judges, streamers and just all-around-helpers. Even after some technical difficulties all teams did a great job keeping up the spirits and makeing it a really good qualifier. Announceing the 4 teams that have made it through the qualifier and got the invited for ESU Masters. Congratulation to Team Expert, London Conspiracy, RedReserve and LGB eSports who took the 4 slots to ESU Masters that will take place at Dreamhack Qualifier #1 Team Expert London Conspiracy Qualifier #2 RedReserve LGB...

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