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Tournament information for Qualifier #1

In a couple of hours the first qualifier will start. For does attending we want to give some last word to improve your participation in the contest. PRE GAME SETUP For all attending teams it is important that you follow the instruction message to you on the Razer Arena website and please remember that your team captain need to check-in your team today, recommended check-in time is between 10-11 AM CET. If check-in is not made in time, your team will be removed from the tournament by the system automatically. Please see Razer Arena for time table. MATCH START...

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Birdie #27 Tournaments

In just one month, one of the oldest LANs in Sweden will take place, Birdie in Uppsala. Esport United will participate together with ESEN Studios as a partner in holding the esport tournaments. The tournaments will be in the following games, Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone and League of Legends. With a total prize pool value of 210 000 SEK. If you would like to join the party you should book your seat now over at the website. However, during the upcoming seven days there will be a possibility to win free computer seats at the LAN together with a...

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ESU Masters 2017 Summer Qualifiers Opened

The ESU Masters have received great interested by many teams from all over the world and due to this fact we have decided to separate the qualifier into two parts. The reason for this is to give more teams the possibility to participate by holding the qualifiers on separate dates and therefore increase the odds that the best teams win. We believe this will give all teams the best opportunities to qualify and  the most fair results. The online qualifiers will have four available invite slots, two for each qualifier. ESU also have four extra personal invite slots that we will...

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Change in invited teams

Earlier today team Millenium informed us that two of their players can not make the tournament at Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping Sweden and they unfortunately have to decline the invite they have received. We reached out to the team who received the third place in the online qualification last week, Nox Melos. Nox Melos just now confirmed that their team are ready to participate and happily accept the invite. Team expert Team DOYOUEVEN Team Property Team Potatis Team Reason gaming Team Nox Melos These six teams will attend the final tournament that will run at Dreamhack 24th November 11:00 to...

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Invites to Dreamhack done

The Online Qualifier for the ESU Razer CS:GO Female Tournament at Dreamhack have been finalized earlier today. The OC started with 20 signed up female teams from all over Europe. The tournament ended with Team Property and Team Potatis taking the two slots inforn of teams like LGB (Norway), NOX (Turky), Crowns (Sweden) and Shiftplay (Russia). Property and Potatis will join the ranks of four other direct invited teams and the final list for attending the Dreamhack event is now set: Team expert Team Millenium Team DOYOUEVEN Team Property Team Potatis Team Reason gaming These six teams will attend...

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