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Schedule and results day 3 – Semi-finals

The ESU Masters will take place in Jönköping, Sweden, between 17-19th June at the world’s largest LAN festival, DreamHack. This year Esport United will together with hardware producers MSI and Samsung hold a female CS:GO tournament in the DreamExpo, running on high end Samsung Curved Gaming 144hz Monitors and MSI GT72VR Gaming laptops featuring GTX 1070 GPU. The tournament will be attended by some of the best female CS:GO teams in the world, joining us from all parts of the world, fighting for the 140 000 SEK large prize pool. Semi finals 11:00 (16:8 – 16:5) Dynasty Gaming vs Riot...

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Results from day 2 ESU Masters

During Dreamhack Summer 2017 Esport United are holding one of the largest female CS:GO tournaments in the world. During day two we will have London Conspiracy, CLG Red, Red Reserve and Riot Gaming fighting it out for the two final slots going into the semifinal on Monday. On this page you can follow the results of the matches (will be updated during the day). Initial match 11:00 (16-10) London Conspiracy vs Riotgaming (Bo1) 12:30 (16-9) CLG RED vs Red Reserve (Bo1) Winners match 14:00 (16-9) London Conspiracy vs CLG RED (Bo1) Loser match 15:30 (11-16) Red Reserve vs Riot Gaming (Bo1) Winner Losers match...

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LondonConspiracy vs Riotgaming starting soon

At 11.00 CEST we will hold our first match of day two here at Dreamhack Summer 2017. Facing each other are Russian London Conspiracy vs european Riotgaming who will play a BO1. You can watch the tournament live on and see the rest of the upcoming matches with teams like CLG RED and Red Reserve. Initial match 11:00 (Round 6) LondonConspiracy vs Riotgaming (Bo1) 12:30 (Round 7 ) CLG RED vs Red Reserve (Bo1) Winners match 14:00 (Round 8) Winner R6 vs Winner R7 (Bo1) Loser match 15:30 (Round 9) Loser R6 vs Loser R7 (Bo1) Winner Losers match 17:00...

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Tournament information for Qualifier #1

In a couple of hours the first qualifier will start. For does attending we want to give some last word to improve your participation in the contest. PRE GAME SETUP For all attending teams it is important that you follow the instruction message to you on the Razer Arena website and please remember that your team captain need to check-in your team today, recommended check-in time is between 10-11 AM CET. If check-in is not made in time, your team will be removed from the tournament by the system automatically. Please see Razer Arena for time table. MATCH START...

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Birdie #27 Tournaments

In just one month, one of the oldest LANs in Sweden will take place, Birdie in Uppsala. Esport United will participate together with ESEN Studios as a partner in holding the esport tournaments. The tournaments will be in the following games, Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone and League of Legends. With a total prize pool value of 210 000 SEK. If you would like to join the party you should book your seat now over at the website. However, during the upcoming seven days there will be a possibility to win free computer seats at the LAN together with a...

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