Author: Martin Eliasson Borg

ESU Razer cs:go ladies tournament 2016

  Starting on Thursday at 11:00 CET Esport United will together with our partner Razer, hold a female CS:GO tournament with teams from all over Europe participating right here at Dreamhack. The teams will fight over a 4000 euro prize pool and some Razer goodies, like the high preforming Kraken headset.  You can follow the matches by visiting King of Nordic stream or by visiting our booth in the expo area and catching them all live! (Next to Coolermaster booth and behind Estrella booth). The tournament will run live from 11:00 CET am to 21:00 on Thursday the...

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Overwatch Computer build log

OVERWATCH / TRACER – Dreamhack Winter 2016 Welcome to this buildlog! Its made from our professional modder Tim Warning and he will go trough the steps of creating this amazing computer. Hey everyone, I was asked to do a mod for Dreamhack Summer 2016 for Esport United in Sweden to give away to a lucky subscriber. It was a big succes and a 13 yr old LAN gamer present at Dreamhack won it and was overwhelmed with happyness. Which was amazing to see and experience. Neddless to say…WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN FOR THE WINTER EDITION! Again we are partnering...

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Team LGB joins the lineup

Earlier today team Expert informed us that two of their players can not make the tournament at Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping Sweden and they unfortunately have to decline the invite they have received. We reached out to the next team in the online qualification. LGB just now confirmed that their team are ready to participate and happily accept the invite. Team LGB Team DOYOUEVEN Team Property Team Potatis Team Reason gaming Team Nox Melos These six teams will attend the final tournament that will run at Dreamhack 24th November 11:00 to 21:00 and 25th November 11:00 to late...

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Esport United presents “The Battle for the North”

Esport United Proudly presents The Battle for the North! In colaboration with Razer, Logitech and we hope to make it a good event! In the cold city of Jönköping deep in the forests of Sweden, the Dungeon halls of the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre are empty, with whispers of trade fair events blowing in the wind. Every June and November however, something different happens. The halls are lined up with tables, exhibitors construct their booths, and stages are built to showcase the best esports players in the world competing for glory. When the doors open, thousands of...

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ESU CS:GO Ladies Tournament DHW2016

Esport United is proud to present our ESU RAZER CS:GO Ladies Tournament at Dreamhack Winter in Jonkoping, Sweden 2016. Esport United have worked with female gaming for many years, but during the last couple of years there have been pause in the organisation where the focus has been on other games. Back in the good old days (CS1.0-1.6) we ran among others Dreamhack Female Counter-strike Tournaments and some of the largest female league and news gaming websites called and We are now putting an effort into arranging more tournaments aimed specifically at the female scene, with a start...

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